About me

Hello from Kennesaw, Georgia (Cobb County, EM74qb). Thanks for visiting my blog.

I was licensed in January 2008 with an interest in using amateur radio for emergency communication purposes. I have since upgraded to the Amateur Extra license and have taught a number of classes preparing individuals to take the Technicians class license.

After developing a strong interest in working the HF bands, I purchased my first HF rig in April, 2010. I have since worked hard to learn more about this wonderful hobby.

My first “homebrew” antenna was a multiband “new carolina windom” which once built and placed was not workableafter many attempts to modify and correct. I disassembled it and built a simple 20M dipole with it. I now have a fan dipole (10M, 15M, and 20M) and an 80M hamstick dipole sitting in my attic.

I really enjoy digital modes and lately have been working on my CW skills. Most of my HF operating happens during the weekend and if we happen to make contact, please QSL via LOTW or Direct.

If you hear any harmonics in the background, just know that my kids and pets may be enjoying the sounds of your transmissions.

Hope to hear you on the airwaves.




7 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m enjoying your blog Monty. Keep up the good work. I especially appreciate the detailed posts about your KX3 configuration. You can find me at http://www.aa5d.wordpress.com or on twitter @_aa5d. I’m learning CW as well and having a blast. Looking forward to your future posts. 73 de AA5D Mitch

    • Thanks Mitch. Yes…the KX3 posts are quite popular (average around 50 views a day). I am glad that you have found them helpful. I sure do…(I am always making changes). Congrats on the new call…and I will be sure to pay attention to your blog.


  2. Hello Monty:
    I really enjoyed your web sites and the advice they gave me for over a year. I would like to ask you to help me directly or point me in the right direction to finally get on to fldigi. I have an HP 8.1 that runs very well that I have all the updates installed when they are due. I have two antennas installed in the attic one HF Carolina Windom 40 Compact (40 thru 6 Meters) and one VHF/UHF -J-pole. I have an Elecraft KX3 HF thru 6 meter that I us as my only rig and love the portability of it. I can’t wait for the 2 meter mod to come out soon for KX3. I have an Yaesu VX-8DR for the higher frequencies that I use as a portable. I live in SW Florida near the coast in Punta Gorda and go up to Maine for 6 months for the summers. No antennas installed in Maine yet, I do use a Buddipole up there that works pretty good for the time that I use it.

    The problem I have is getting any computer program to work with the antennas I have in the attic. NaP3 and Elecraft KX3 Utility (their program for CW, RTTY, and PSK31) worked for a while but not now. My air conditioner is installed in the attic also and that may be the problem. What I really want is to have fldigi working it has all the options that I want. HRD is an option I have but don’t want to spend the cash unless I have to. I recently purchased a SignaLink and that is where I’m stuck. I have followed all the directions for the software and the SignaLink and so far only some signals on 40 M at 5AM to 8AM. Any help or Web site you could point me to that would solve my problem will be greatly appreciated.

    Steve Rammer



  3. Monty –

    Quick comment on picking up CW. I’ve recently joined CWops because of the membership’s ability to help folks thru the learning rough spots. These guys are concerned because a lot of the “old pros” are aging and less active, making it tough for new enthusiasts to find mentors to assist them with picking up the art. Beyond the sense of accomplishment that comes from a great CW contact, the art gives shortwave enthusiasts best access for completing contacts with low power and marginal propagation conditions.

    73 John N0EF

  4. Hi Monty,
    I was reading your tips for KX3, and to use with N1MM. I just found an issue related to call signs with a ”/”, the this is not TXed. I will be portable from curacao and I would like to have this working properly but I couldn’t find anything related. If you have any tip, just let me know.
    PY2SEX | DL1NX
    Soon as PJ2/DL1NX

  5. Monty,
    I stumbled across your blog address in one of the KX3 forums. You have answered many of my questions with the excellent section on setting up the KX3 to work with some of the software that enables us to further enjoy the KX3. I also subscribed to your blog and looking forward for more info.

    Keep the excellent work!


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