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One blog metric I have been watching since I noticed that I had a lot of international visitors is page views from other countries…today I logged on and noticed that I now have visits from over 100 countries.  Pretty cool!

Number Country Views
1 United States 20,819
2 United Kingdom 1,901
3 Germany 1,808
4 Canada 1,594
5 Italy 920
6 Netherlands 677
7 France 621
8 Australia 571
9 Switzerland 470
10 Japan 437
11 Sweden 381
12 Denmark 370
13 Norway 368
14 Spain 350
15 Belgium 320
16 Poland 307
17 Republic of Korea 257
18 Russian Federation 204
19 Austria 197
20 Slovenia 168
21 Czech Republic 160
22 Finland 149
23 Brazil 135
24 Israel 126
25 Slovakia 117
26 New Zealand 112
27 Portugal 104
28 Romania 99
29 India 95
30 Malaysia 94
31 Greece 87
32 Hong Kong 81
33 Ireland 80
34 Guernsey 78
35 Taiwan 69
36 Ukraine 56
37 Thailand 55
38 Hungary 54
39 Chile 44
40 Estonia 41
41 Croatia 41
42 Indonesia 36
43 South Africa 29
44 Argentina 29
45 Lithuania 26
46 Bosnia and Herzegovina 26
47 Serbia 23
48 Bulgaria 23
49 Turkey 22
50 Mexico 20
51 Puerto Rico 20
52 Luxembourg 18
53 Singapore 15
54 Philippines 14
55 Qatar 13
56 Kuwait 12
57 Moldova 11
58 Panama 11
59 Faroe Islands 9
60 Ecuador 8
61 Isle of Man 8
62 Cyprus 7
63 Greenland 7
64 Venezuela 7
65 Saudi Arabia 7
66 Belarus 7
67 China 6
68 Macao 6
69 Colombia 6
70 United Arab Emirates 5
71 Dominican Republic 5
72 Jersey 4
73 Costa Rica 4
74 Barbados 4
75 Latvia 3
76 Guadeloupe 2
77 Algeria 2
78 Kazakhstan 2
79 Ethiopia 2
80 Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 2
81 Lebanon 2
82 Cayman Islands 2
83 Malta 2
84 Oman 2
85 Iceland 2
86 Solomon Islands 2
87 Paraguay 2
88 Sudan 2
89 Sri Lanka 1
90 Bangladesh 1
91 Trinidad and Tobago 1
92 Egypt 1
93 Libya 1
94 Virgin Islands 1
95 United Republic of Tanzania 1
96 Réunion 1
97 Albania 1
98 Mauritius 1
99 New Caledonia 1
100 Belize 1
101 Suriname 1

 Total Page Views


N1MM Configuration

Hi.  I had a request to describe my setup for N1MM (thanks John, N0EF for asking).

Here is an image that should provide most details for my current N1MM set up (click image below to open in full screen).


K4NHW’s Antenna Project

Nathan, K4NHW decided he needed a new HF antenna so he picked up a fan dipole and decided to throw an antenna raising party. Here are a few images of Saturday’s fun. I probably should gave taken more images of the event (like the great food) but glad I have these few.

Here is Nathan intently wrapping his coax/connectors on the center insulator:

Look at this professional finish (it’s too bad I didn’t take a photo of the strain relief solution that Nathan devised):

John, N4DOU, and Nathan working on the window patch panel (Nathan had to replace the barrel connectors as they may have been damaged due to exposure to moisture).

Connecting the new coax…sorry no photos on the hack job I did soldering the first PL-259 (it’s been a few years):

Checking SWR…turns out that most bands were really good…a few were a little higher but well within limits of Nathan’s tuner:

Nathan sent me this note early Sunday morning and mentioned the following:
“For the real success story, after I took the original wire antenna down that was directly over the back side of the house, the wife and I went out to the back patio and sat in the swing. I asked her what she thought of the new antenna. She looked up a bit and said “What antenna?”. That was good enough for me. After I pointed out the apex and the legs, she then noticed the coax hanging down directly behind her. She said… “I’m fine with that. Now we just need to get rid of all of that junk on top of the house.” as she pointed to the 10m vertical and 2 meter j-pole and scanner antenna. I’m ok with that for right now. “

Win4K3suite – KX3

About a month ago I read on the KX3 Yahoo group about new software called Win4K3suite.  During the holidays I decided to give the 30 day trial a go.

Here is a great video overview provided by the software’s designer Tom, VA2FSQ.

Download, execution, and setup are pretty straightforward.  Tom has a two great video tutorials to help a new user set up the KX3 Spectrum Scope and any 3rd party products (like N1MM and LOG4OM).

Be sure to use the latest Kx3 firmware version.  I had an error using beta firmware that was easily resolved moving back production firmware.  Tom, who has been very responsive to my questions, mentioned that there have been issues with old firmware as well.

Once the software is setup it works.  To be more precise it works very well!  Personally I am a big fan of simple software like this that is easy to setup and just works well.

The Control Center Window has a great layout.  It really feels like you have full control of the KX3.  There is even a “SPOT” button in the menu (and it actually works).  


The spectrum scope is nice.  It is a bit different from what I am used to with NaP3/PowerSDR in terms of looks and function.  The scope is in a separate window…which can be very nice if you have two screens…but you may have problems fitting both on one screen (without any overlapping windows).  I also found that I cannot keep just the spectrum scope up if I close the control center window.  Point click tuning, the most important feature in any panadapter, works well (accomplished by a double click).   The spectrum scope always seems to be correct when I switch modes, etc (not like the issue that I have with NaP3).  Having had a Flexradio for a number of years I do notice a few things missing…the first is the on screen adjustable filtering that you can do NaP3/PowerSDR.  Second, I miss the great mouse controls to move through the spectrum scope easily.  Lastly, I really do enjoy the Panafall/Spanafall  “look” with NaP3/PowerSDR (with AVG turned on).  This scope feels a bit more bland.  Overall, the Win4K3 Spectrum Scope is different (not worse)…so it may just take me some time to get used to it.  I believe that Elecraft Owners with a P3 will enjoy it.  


Tom tells me that the panadapter is new (version 1.0) so there may be additional improvements once he had heard more feedback from beta testers.

Setup with 3rd party software is also pretty straightforward.  In this case, I simply used a pair of virtual ports (Com4 and Com5) I previously set up in com0com to connect N1MM to Win4K3.    There really isn’t too much else to it.



Overall this program works very well and I would suggest that everyone give it a try (30 day trial) to see if it will work for them.   The software costs, $50, is well worth it if the software has a permanent place in your shack.

PROS:  Easy setup, clean layout, great rig control, and responsive service (with Tom)

CONS:  If you are a PowerSDR/NaP3 user the spectrum scope will take some time getting used to.  Its not bad…just different.

KXPA100 Order Number to Date Converter

Having recently ordered a KXPA100 I have begun to take notice of order confirmations that others post to the KX3 yahoo group. I plan to use these as a gauge for when I might receive my amp.

Today, somebody posted their order number as: 2285-8685-3232

A quick way to see when they ordered is to go to Thomas’s (M0TRN) website here.


I guess I have a ways to go before I get mine…

Ham Jam 2013

I had a great time at Ham Jam 2013.  Again, as in years past, I find this event to be inspiring. Here are a few notes I captured from our speakers (see far below).


Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, Key Points

FCC cannot regulate “radio rage” or “stupid”.  Amateur radio is not about enforcement (don’t engage).  Most of our problems are self-inflicted.  90% of interference is not intentional.

Edward R. Morrow Quote:  It is not necessary to remind you that the fact that your voice is amplified to the degree where it reaches from one end of the country to the other does not confer upon you greater wisdom or understanding than you possessed when your voice reached only from one end of the bar to the other

We must do all we can to encourage new hams to do more than just emergency communication.

We were given a “legacy” and we need to do what we can to ensure our “legacy” and thrive at the cross roads (we survived the internet).  This “legacy” is also a responsibility.

Claude Bissel Quote on Excellence: Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

Dan Henderson, N1ND Notes:

Why do we do what we do?  FUN

What gets people excited?  Field Day, ARISS, or W1AW

Where do you want to go with this hobby?  wherever you take us

What will you give back to the hobby?  (we are left to answer ourselves)

Bob Allphin, K4UEE Notes:

In 1958, at age 14, moved to Okinawa (which was a separate DX entity at the time)…he was DX for the first time (and likely caught the bug for DXpeditions during his time there).

3Y0X – DXpedition of the year. 87K QSOs…was number 4.  Noted that everyone needs a sanctuary (own bunk).

K4D Desecheo Island (2009) – was number 6 on most wanted DX entities.  Took 7 years to open up and get a use permit.  Island was used for human and drug trafficking.  Had to “sweep” the island for unexploded ordinance.  $125,000 for trip.  115K QSOs.

Malpelo HK0NA (#12) – 195K QSOs (record is 212K).  Op B to Op A hike to about 1hr 20m (elevation around 1,000 ft).

Amsterdam and St. Paul Islands (2014) – will take the Braveheart (called barf heart) again.  30 people live on island.  Will stay in 2 cabins.  Cost is currently estimated at $444K (72% is ship at $311K).  Works out to be $22/min while they are on the air or $4.45 a QSO for 100K contacts.  How is it paid for? 50% by ops ($16K plus 7 weeks of time).  ARRL is starting a new campaign called “2nd Century” and asked that we do something meaningful (donations…spread it out if needs be).

Update KX3-2M Module – Images and Notes

Thanks to others who attending Pacificon we now have a few more photos of the KX3-2M module.

I know that many are looking forward to this as evidence of Wayne’s recent post on the KX3 Yahoo Group Blog and the 19 messages that followed (which contain great details).


My thanks to Scott, AK6Q ( who posted these images to the KX3 Yahoo Group:


Here is the note that was included in this image:

This is from PACIFICON, here is the SMA Antenna port as well as a shot of the 2M card installed it is the second card up from the gold SMA connector.

IMG_0921Here is the note that was included in this image:

Here is a shot again from PACIFICON of the KX3 Operating on simplex 146.520 the last two digits are 1.3 because of the need for temp compensation due the the newness of the board and not being completely updated. It was tx/rx on 146.520