My KX3 Setup Blog Posts (helpful links for you)

KX3 Setup:

Use these links, to my posts, to help with your KX3 Setup:

Basic Computer and Panadapter Setup (using LP Bridge) which describes my setup with NaP3 but can be used with other programs (including logging programs like Log4OM).

FLDIGI Setup. This post describes how to setup FLDIGI without having to use a separate USB audio device for digital work.

N1MM Setup. This post describes how to use KY codes to use N1MM function keys (helpful for CW). Please also see the update which describes the solution to an issue I had with the {EXCH} command as it relates to serial numbers.

Win4K3 – KX3 Overview. Just my thoughts.  No helpful hints on setup (Tom’s video and documentation is great).

Additional Notes:

KXBC3 Charge Time.  This post describes how to calculate time needed to recharge your NiMH batteries.

KXBC3/NiMH Batteries Notes.  This post provides  notes on KXBC3 function and additional thoughts on care for NiMH batteries.

Notes on microphones (dynamic vs electret and Heil mics).  This post describes an issue using dynamic microphones.

Trouble Shooting NaP3

Sampling Rate Error.  This post describes what to do to correct and error when your input/microphone rate doesn’t match your sampling rate


2 thoughts on “My KX3 Setup Blog Posts (helpful links for you)

  1. Nice web page Monty,

    May I ask what you are using for a sound card while using Win4K3? I just started playing with Tom’s software and like how easy it is to make changes to different areas. I am using it with my K3/P3 and setting it up to work with my KX3 as well, I would like to play with the Pan Display on the KX3 but unsure what sound card to use, and really do not understand a lot of the technical information associated with them. I want to use it with a laptop so has to be a stand alone device.



    • Sorry Chris for the late reply…my soundcard is a built in soundcard on my motherboard (so very generic). Couldn’t even tell you what drivers it is running. If you are still having issues let chats (or reach to Tom directly…he has been real helpful in the past).


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